Sunday , October 2 2022
300k people waiting for the God Of Musician NFT

300k people waiting for the God Of Musician NFT

God Of Musician (G.O.M), the biggest music NFT DeFi society in the world, began an airdrop incident in July as a main stage of the program. Simultaneously more than 300,000 users congregated at the official society. As an NFT DeFi community, G.O.M is doing its best to assist musicians to allege their liberties by incorporating the blockchain system method with the last music market. The recent pre-sale prototype raises the auction system, giving investors the privilege to agree on the rate of GMiner NFT. G.O.M will try its best to create a new decentralized economic model for music finance and a full-chain music marketing outlet.

G.O.M is the main interest device for the music NFT tracks at the moment, and the committee partners contain the best music professors from global universities.

Additionally, numerous of their students who are musicians presently will be the organization of our population.

The auction here has a bidding method that slowly reduces the rate per minute once it commenced. These bids are usually lessened by a predetermined amount.

G.O.M will promote the recent auction model and pertain it to GMiner’s pre-sale. An optimized economic prototype will be more adequate for the market and highlight the outlet’s finance and blockchain mechanism.

GMiner NFT is not traded at a restricted selling rate, but it is specified by the market circumstances. Whenever a deal is formulated during the rate deduction period, the selling rate is boosted to be modified. And if there is no deals percentage for a specific period, the rate deduction is applied again.

In this way, the rate of the GMiner NFT is deduced from the market situations, enabling investors to select the best bid.

Invitation message from G.O.M, the biggest music NFT society in the world
GStar participation limitations :
Those who can play the part of society proprietor after the population organization is shaped

People who are excited and attracted to the growth of the music NFT business

Have strong appeal, impact, administration, and effort

It is excellent if you can schedule society incidents

If you attain at least 2 from the list, you can reach the accepted personnel to apply for membership.

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