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Beauty Products save

5 Super Tips for Saving Money on the Beauty Products

Super Tips for Saving Money

Beauty Products. The quest for the fountain of youth is constant, as the scope of the beauty industry clearly proves. The manufacturers of beauty products continue to come up with new and more effective ways to help you look your best, which is all the more important now that everyone walks around with a camera phone and posts candid pictures online for all the world to see. But all of those beauty products take a toll on your pocketbook.

Cosmetics are a billion dollar a year industry, and it’s all too easy to blow your monthly budget when a four ounce bottle of anti-wrinkle cream can cost you upwards of $60. You don’t have to break the bank to look beautiful, but you will have to shop smartly and make some concessions. Here are five tips to help you save money on the beauty products you love.

Beauty Products save

Find Products You Love

First of all, try to find products you like that fulfill more than one need. For instance, many moisturizing lotions are also SPF-rated, meaning they can also work as your daily sunscreen. If you really feel better taking advantage of an anti-aging cream, can it simultaneously act as a tinted moisturizer, so you can forgo makeup on casual days? Try to find products like this that pull double duty, or at the very least go with quality brands so that you don’t have to use a ton of the stuff on each application to have the effect you desire.

Shop Online

You’ll also find and can save big on your favorite beauty products if you shop online. Many of the manufacturers have their own websites, and each one offers newsletters and blogs. If you join up, you’ll often get coupons that aren’t available to the general public. They’ll also let you know if their product lines are going on sale in certain retail stores. And keep a lookout for discount retailers who provide lower prices on name brands by moving high volume or offering monthly membership programs of their own.

Shop Offline

If you simply have to shop in person, make sure you join the various drugstore rewards programs. Stores like CVS, Walgreens and Rite Aid are often where people shop for beauty products, and each one has deep rewards for members. Signing up for a card is completely free, and they’ll periodically give you coupons for spending money in store on a wide range of products. And if you buy the same beauty products month after month you’ll find coupons specific to those brands delivered by mail and in the store when you scan your rewards card.

Coupons are the Key

Top of the line beauty products are incredibly expensive, so there will be times when you’ll have to get even more creative with your coupons. One strategy is to stack more than one coupon on an item. This is a tricky proposition, and you’ve got to structure it properly. Shop the shelves and find a product you want that has a manufacturer’s coupon attached to it. Then use that alongside a coupon from the newspaper or the store when you purchase. As long as the two coupons are from different sources, the store will allow you to use them both and save twice over.

Go Cheap and Creative

Finally, don’t be a snob about using generic products. Obviously there are some things you simply won’t be able to get away with, and there may be no cheaper alternative that works as well as your chi flat iron. But try out the generic version of the beauty products that you use daily. If you can substitute even one name brand for a generic brand that feels just as good you’ll save a huge amount of money over the course of the year. So keep your fancy brands that you absolutely can’t live without, but get creative with other products. You’ll be happy that you did.

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