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A Deep Dive Into Voice Nft

Voice NFT is a carbon-neutral, user-friendly, and multi-chain compatible NFT platform. NFT technology, we believe, will transform the internet by bringing verifiable ownership to our digital world. We’re creating a system that rewards creators and communities for their participation–the way it should be.

The NFT platform for creators is propelling the industry forward in its dedication to empowering creators. Upcoming NFT creators are welcome to participate in the virtual NFT Residency program, which will cover the world’s most pressing issues, including equality and justice, environmental sustainability, future-proofing, and well-being. Participants will receive a payment for their work, as well as project supervision and support ranging from technical to marketing aspects, as well as participation in a bonus rewards program. The program has been designed to keep up with the ever-changing NFT world.

“The opportunities of NFTs are huge for both creators and collectors,” says Voice CEO Salah Zalatimo. “We cannot leave anyone behind. We will always use our technology to fulfill our mission of helping emerging creators get discovered.”

Raise Our Voice was the theme of Voice’s first NFT Residency, which focused on initiatives that lifted up communities through self-expression. Emonee LaRussa, an Emmy-winning graphics artist, and director whose NFT collection supported her non-profit that promotes underrepresented artists in the graphic design field, was among the attendees. Shan Vincent de Paul, a fellow Resident, and internationally renowned rapper debuted a new community rewards scheme for his worldwide fanbase, selling lifetime concert admission through inexpensive NFTs, which sold out in minutes.

“It was an honor to be a part of a program focused on inclusion, creativity, and collaboration,” says Vincent de Paul. “Voice has built a special family with honest intentions of empowering artists that resonate with the people.”

Voice is the first platform to make the full NFT ecosystem accessible, and it’s quickly becoming the go-to first step for all new creators. Free minting, no carbon footprint, and the ability to transfer NFTs to other ecologically friendly blockchains and platforms are among the company’s features.

This Is Why Voice Nft Is So Famous!

Voiceverse Origins, the world’s first voice NFT, was released on January 29th with 8,888 NFTs and sold out in less than 10 minutes of a public sale, which is extremely rare for NFT collections held on the Ethereum blockchain.

Voiceverse, founded by three BAYC members, aims to lead the NFT field into the next generation of high intrinsic value NFTs, allowing holders to possess a voice in the metaverse. People can now add a voice to their Profile Picture (PFP) NFTs with Voice NFTs, giving them a new level of personalization and pseudonymity.

Holders have the following options:

  1. Use voices in metaverse areas, such as games and video calls.
  2. Make a Voice NFT of their own voice or, with appropriate permission, the voice of a loved one.
  3. To “breed” a new voice NFT, combine different Voice NFTs.
  4. Give their existing PFP NFTs fresh life by adding voices to them.

LOVO, Voiceverse’s parent firm with a good track record in the AI Speech Synthesis area, is situated in San Francisco and Seoul. Voiceverse has a lot of momentum in the NFT sector because it is a venture capital-backed firm with celebrity voice actors. Charlet Chung, Andy Milonakis, and Jonny Cruz are among the voice actors involved.

Voiceverse Origins sold out in 10 minutes after a week of pre-sale and has been trending in all categories on OpenSea. It has also consistently been in the top ten in terms of sales volume (by count). Given its foundation in AI and speech synthesis, Voiceverse is poised to disrupt the industry and kickstart a second-generation NFT trend.


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