Sunday , October 2 2022
a peek at @memeland Potatoz and bull case by kbruh.eth

A peek at @memeland Potatoz and bull case by kbruh.eth

Let’s start with the fact that it was an entire WL, free mint, and that co-operated with several significant societies… Suits the recent nation of the market, and can also be seen as an adequate “test/prep” start to help in Memeland’s major drop, and add utility later!

Some extra characteristics before we get into the information contained this advisory/investor board… restored with all innovators of web3 who have delivered decent morality and accomplishment to their societies since day 1, as well as popular web2 businesses.

To not dismiss that @9gagceo’s firm is one the biggest attended media platforms since 2008… linking even more gaps in web3 and web2.

Presently according to several analytics of Potatoz, standing at the 6k holder range, 65% different wallets. It was one mint per WL, but this indicates a powerful feeling in an expansion matter. Several clever wallets have started collecting multiples after mint this morning, which in turn is a great signal.

Potatoz presently hovers around. 6, with an obvious backing status being experimented with 4 times a day, (accumulation & powerful backing only last a lot till it establishes bigger support).

Though 15.5% is now recorded and 9.6% of those listings are under 1eth. Which might look like this.

This arriving data will contain a staking component and it’s thinking some token creation of $MEME @memecoin. We’ve discerned so many times again how an adequate staking utility establishes a supply panic, $MEME might have various elements aside from some WL shop.

Finally, remember the origin MVP Collection has a 23ETH ground yet after the Potato costs provided today. Which shows a powerful core society in the program as a whole.

Assuming all these facets above demonstrate the backing @memeland has from all corners of victory is impeccable in this recent market. If you peeking for the second sleeping giant, my soul says me @memeland grabs that place… As always DYOR.

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