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How Gcash Pet Insurance Can Ease Your Pain

Greetings! pet owners! Gcash Pet Insurance is here! We’re all aware of how expensive veterinary bills can be. I’ve personally paid thousands of pesos for a single vet medical bill.

But we all know how things are. We adore our pets so much that we’re willing to spend money on their care. I’m delighted to be the bearer of good news now! If you haven’t heard, Gcash Pet Insurance is now offering low-cost pet insurance starting at ₱266 per month.

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Gcash Pet insurance Coverage

The pet insurance plan offered by GCash is pretty complete. It covers everything from dog accidents to canine deaths, as well as owners in the event that something awful happens to you!

Medical assistance

Medical reimbursement is the primary coverage of Gcash pet insurance. Medical expenditures necessary to treat or diagnose dogs due to disease or accident are covered under this policy. Consultation, tests, scans, surgery, hospitalization, and pharmaceutical fees are all taken into account. Their pet insurance policy, however, does not cover pre-existing conditions. You’ll also need to fill out a form if your dog has a history of illness or surgery.

Maximum compensation amount: ₱30,000 per-incident and ₱100,000 in total.

Ligament injuries

Dogs are notoriously lively and enthusiastic, making them prone to accidents. Gcash, however, covers these kinds of incidents.  When the ligament that helps to support the knee joint is injured, the cruciate ligament injury involves therapy and diagnostics. But keep in mind that any injury caused by you or a member of your family will not be covered!

Maximum reimbursement amount: ₱15,000 per leg


Gcash’s pet insurance death coverage is, unfortunately, rather restrictive. It only covers burial costs if your dog dies as a result of euthanasia.

Maximum reimbursement amount: ₱10,000.

Owner’s responsibility & Liability

Have you had any issues with your dog? I recommend getting insurance for your dog if he or she is prone to being aggressive. If you become legally accountable for your dog injuring someone or damaging someone else’s property, insurance can cover actual or compensatory costs.

Maximum reimbursement: ₱50,000 per occurrence, with a total of ₱250,000.

Owner’s Insurance

This sort of insurance covers the owner’s accidental death, disablement, and dismemberment that occurs within the policy period.

Compensation: 50,000 pesos for accidental death, 50,000 pesos for permanent disability, and 50,000 pesos for disablement or dismemberment.

Coverage length

The pet insurance coverage might last anything from one month to a year. You’ll pay a minimum of ₱650 per month, which decreases as you choose a longer coverage duration. The overall cost of a one-year plan is ₱3,200.


  • Your dog must be between the ages of six months and eight years old.
  • Only domestic pets are permitted.
  • Military, law enforcement, and security dogs are not protected.
  • Stunt dogs and dogs reared for fighting and sports are not covered by the plan.
  • Your dog must receive extensive immunization (e.g. 5-in-1), anti-rabies, and deworming vaccinations before enrolling in the plan.

Simply go to your Gcash mobile app and tap the GInsure Icon if you wish to insure your pet now.

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