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Addiction Treatment When You Don’t Have Insurance

How to Pay for Addiction Treatment When You Don’t Have Insurance

Addiction Treatment When You Don’t Have Insurance

If you are someone who has been struggling with an addiction or you know someone who has, you are definitely not alone. According to many reports, close to two-thirds of all Americans are touched by addiction whether it’s due to drug or alcohol (that doesn’t even include those who are affected by gambling or sex and food addiction). Oftentimes, the addiction itself has taken such a financial toll that when an individual is ready to get treatment, they often don’t have insurance or the amount of money that’s required to get the kind of help that they need.

Treatment for addiction can be costly, especially for people who are uninsured or under-insured. Unfortunately, for many people who need substance abuse treatment, economics are a substantial barrier. If you require drug treatment without insurance, there are numerous alternatives available to assist you in obtaining treatment for drug and alcohol addiction.

Those suffering from drug dependency and substance abuse disorders can seek professional help at drug and alcohol addiction treatment programs. Most types of substance abuse therapy are available at rehab centers.

Addiction Treatment When You Don’t Have Insurance

That doesn’t mean that they have to go without the professional assistance, though. In fact, there are a few resources that they can use that will help to make paying for their addiction treatment affordable. We have enclosed some of those options below:

Access to Recovery

There is a federal initiative that provides vouchers to addicts who are seeking treatment assistance. There are different qualifications for the various participating cities, so in order to get more information, go to Google and put “Access to Recovery” along with your own city and state for further details.

Faith-based organizations

Another option is to seek out faith-based organizations that specialize in drug and/or alcohol rehabilitation. Oftentimes, they have a discounted fee and are willing to work with their clients based on their income. Some of these programs include,,, and There are even ones like that provide their services absolutely free of charge.

Need-based assistance

Although a lot of privately-owned drug and alcohol treatment centers tend to be very expensive, there are many that offer some form of financial aid or are open to setting up some kind of a payment plan. While this has to be agreed upon before admittance, it is certainly a viable option. Also, sometimes they have on-site programs that are similar to work-story in college in the sense that you can work off some of the money that is owed by doing various chores or assignments while being treated at the facility.

Alcoholics Anonymous

One of the most celebrated programs for alcohol rehabilitation is Alcoholics Anonymous. Not only does it provide support that is free of charge to those who are at the beginning stages of getting sober, but they provide an atmosphere where recovering alcoholics always have a place to come to as well. There are many chapters in virtually every state across the country.

Online Support for Addiction Treatment

Living in the internet age affords us with access to many different including addiction treatment assistance. One website that is specifically geared to those battling with alcohol is It’s free to join although donations are welcome. Another is It is one that features health information, blogs from therapists and open forums that you can participate in.

These are just a few tips on how you can participate in an addiction treatment program without insurance. We also recommend to check out this post about quitting gambling and treatment.


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