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How to use tap to pay payments with Google Pay

If your phone supports NFC, you can use Google Pay to make tap to pay purchases directly from your device. This allows you to avoid using your credit or debit card at any location that accepts card payments and may be helpful if you don’t have access to your cards.

A phone with NFC, a Google Play app, and a supported credit or debit card are all required. We’ll look at how to set up tap-to-pay on your Google Pay app.

How to configure Google Pay for tap-to-pay

Go to your profile icon in the top-right corner of Google Pay after opening it. You can add your debit and credit cards below in the “Payment methods” section, directly next to the option to add additional bank accounts.

Select “add credit or debit card” on the next screen after clicking this option. When you use Google Pay, a camera window will appear, allowing you to quickly scan your card to have the 16-digit number entered for you. You can also manually enter your information as an alternative. Enter further information after that, such as your valid through date and CVV.

Google will next confirm the information with your bank, and you will need to enter a 6-digit OTP that was given to your registered mobile number. Your card will be linked and set as your default tap-to-pay method after entering the OTP.

How to use Google Pay’s tap-to-pay feature?

Unlock your phone, enable NFC (most NFC-enabled phones will have a specific toggle in the quick settings), and then tap your phone on the payment terminal or machine to use Google Pay at a tap-to-pay establishment.

Usually, the terminal or device has an NFC icon that you may align with your phone to connect quickly. If everything is in place, Google Pay will open up automatically, allowing you to confirm the payment amount before tapping the Proceed button.

FAQs: Tap to Pay

Can you tap to pay with Google Pay?

Using the cards associated with your Google Account, Google Pay is a quick, simple, and safe method to make purchases on websites, in applications, and in physical stores. You need an Android phone in order to utilize Google Pay to make purchases in stores.

You receive the same incentives while using Google Pay with your credit card as when scanning it in the traditional manner, so don’t worry about that. You may also keep your gift cards, tickets, and loyalty cards with Google Pay and use your phone to pay for transit.

How do I use tap to pay with Google Play?

  1. Your Android phone must be NFC capable in order to set up contactless payments with Google Pay.
  2. Make sure NFC is activated.
  3. Tap Contactless payments under “NFC.”
  4. Payment default, tap.
  5. You have the option of making Google Pay your default payment option.

What Google Pay allows you to do in stores

Check out

  • Please do not pull out your wallet. To check out in supermarkets, pharmacies, and other establishments, simply unlock your phone, hold the back of the device against the terminal for a few seconds, and follow the on-screen instructions.

Use gift and loyalty cards.

  • Earn points at your preferred retailers to use toward gift cards. Find out how to add gift and loyalty cards to Google Pay.

Use tickets for a trip or an event

  • Easily add airline or event tickets to Google Pay. All you need is your phone to get in, whether you’re at the airport, waiting in line for a concert or major game.

Pay for transportation

  • Your commute will be more convenient if you save your bus or rail tickets in Google Pay.

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