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Illuvium Crypto RPG Explained

Illuvium is a blockchain-based decentralized role-playing game with non-fungible coins (NFTs). Users can search the open world for in-game items and creatures (Illuvials) in the form of NFTs, which can then be utilized for battling, gathering, and trading.

Other NFTs found in Illuvium include battle equipment, skins, collectibles, emotes, and more. NFTs can be purchased and exchanged via platforms like OpenSea, in-game, or on the IlluvDEX, the game’s linked decentralized marketplace. The Illuvium game is scheduled to go live in 2022.

illuvium crypto


Every illuvial has distinctive properties, and creatures are classified into classes and have unique powers. Some illuvials occur more frequently than others. They can combine into rarer potent forms and rarer varieties thanks to a blending mechanism. The creatures are represented by NFTs, which can be won in-game or bought on the IlluviDEX and other external exchanges.

Because they use cryptocurrency as an in-game tool, blockchain games have long been popular among crypto fans. Blockchain technology is employed in these games to ensure absolute ownership of game objects, which are expressed by tokens. When a player buys an in-game NFT token, for example, he knows he’s getting a truly rare object that can be saved and managed outside of the game. This ownership allows people to develop their own unique content, resulting in an entirely new player-driven economy.

The game begins with the user designing a character and selecting a robot assistant and available for PC. Users can play as themselves as well as their illuvials. The available weapons are determined by the character. Rare materials can be used to boost the effectiveness of weapons.

The player will encounter monsters on the planet’s surface with whom they can fight. To begin, users can make use of free tools to tame some weak illuvials. Illuvials get more powerful after a few victories and can be upgraded with certain goods.

Developers allow gamers to observe games without having to invest any money. Players will need to unlock the Obelisks and purchase more powerful illuvials with Ether in order to progress and explore new places in the Illuvium globe and open new regions of the map in the future (ETH). It’s worth noting that the game’s combat forces players to think and strategize, otherwise they’ll be defeated in seconds.

Players must create strong units that work well together. Strong armor, which can be made from items found on the planet’s surface or purchased from IlluviDEX, can also determine the outcome of a combat.

illuvium crypto

Buy Illuvium Crypto (Tokens)

Binance, KuCoin, Poloniex,, and other exchanges sell ILV, the game’s native token. Holders of ILV can contribute in the network’s growth. ILV shareholders have the ability to vote on the amount of bonus payments. By default, 100% of game and sales proceeds will be donated to ILV community members. The game appears to be quite promising, as its audience continues to expand. According to CoinMarketCap data, ILV began on sale at $53 per token at the start of 2021 and has since risen to $606 per token.

Illuvium Future Plans

Illuvium appears to be a promising project that combines an NFT game with a well-designed RPG. It may be able to seize the lead in the business thanks to thoughtful mechanics, prizes, and modern aesthetics.

Illuvium is a 3D game. The project team has carefully considered all aspects of the game universe. The plot is one of the game’s strongest features, which is essential for any RPG and distinguishes it from most crypto games that are mostly focused on token farming.

The game’s scalability mechanism, which purportedly allows it to handle hundreds of thousands of people around the world, is another strength. Users in a “normal” RPG game play on different servers to avoid congestion, which causes lags while playing. Illuvium’s developers claim that a scaling approach utilizing cloud storage resources will connect the game’s environment.

The Illuvium team is currently concentrating on marketing and promotion. The game has been listed among the year’s most anticipated games. The only source of concern for gamers is that the developers have yet to complete the game, although they want to release an open Beta version later in 2022.

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