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Is Splinterlands Profitable?

About Splinterlands

The play-to-earn CCG Splinterlands was created on the Hive blockchain. The game, which was once known as Steem Monsters, involves teams of monsters facing off against each other in a single match.

The cards that players gather each have unique attributes and abilities. To combat other players, these cards are employed. There are currently 249 unique Monsters and 40 unique Summoners, and more cards are planned.

You can try the game for nothing at all. Players must purchase a $10 Summoner’s Book in order to access the play-to-earn elements. Once they do, they are able to perform daily missions, take part in seasonal awards, and accumulate Dark Energy Crystals (DEC), the game’s currency.


Splinterlands Game

Use the website’s home page,, to access the game. Additionally, Android mobile devices can access it.

In the screen’s center, click the Play Now button. Create a username and password combination or log in to the game using MetaMask, Venly, Wombat, a WAX cloud wallet, or another method.

You can play the game for free. To access play-to-earn features, you might wish to buy the Summoner’s Spellbook.

You’ll arrive at the game’s dashboard after logging in, where you may access the market, game events, missions, tools, and help.

The How to Play button allows you to switch between:

How to Play – Displays stats, skills, and tactics.

  • Practice battles let you engage in combat without having an impact on your rating.
  • You can advance in the leagues by winning battles if you’re ranked.
  • Invite a friend to a duel in a challenge without having your ranking affected.

This is an auto-battle game. You handpick your deck for each match after selecting a Summoner, who determines how many Monsters you can summon for combat. A match begins when the Battle button is clicked. Once you’re partnered with another player, a window that allows you to see the elements they’ve used in previous bouts will appear. This will help you to modify your approach and try to predict what Monsters and elements they might use.


Seven stats, four rarities, over 60 abilities, seven elemental affinities, or Splinters, are present. There are three types of attacks: magic, ranged, and melee. Additionally, monsters have health, armor, and speed stats. Planning your strategy requires an understanding of the capabilities of your cards.

After you’ve constructed your deck, the game begins, and Monsters handle all the combat; the best two out of three fights win.

Like any TCG, it’s hard to list every approach when it comes to playing strategies. Building a strong deck from a variety of monster cards could take some time. But if you spend some time in Practice Mode, you may improve your abilities and plan an approach.

The Splinterlands token?

The currency of Splinterlands is the Dark Energy Crystal (DEC).

Built on the Hive blockchain is Splinterlands. When a user buys a Spellbook, they are given an account on this blockchain automatically. Decentralized applications, games, and cryptocurrency wallets are supported by the blockchain.

Some Splinterlands cards can be changed into ERC-721 tokens by players. They may then trade them on NFT platforms like OpenSea from there.

Purchase of Splinterlands Token

You must trade DEC for a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin (BTC) or Ether (ETH) in order to purchase DEC. You can purchase BTC or ETH from nearly all major cryptocurrency exchanges, including Gemini,, and Binance.

Transact with TronTrade, Cub DeFi, Tribal DEX, Uniswap, DEC on PancakeSwap, DODO on BSC, and other cryptocurrencies.

Additionally, you can change your DEC to Tron (TRX). You’ll need a Tron wallet to do that. Link your wallet to your Splinterlands account after creating it up to send your DEC.

Additionally, Splinterlands is connected with the blockchain of the World Wide Exchange (WAX). The Splinterlands WAX bridge allows players to move their Splinterlands assets to WAX. Players can then transfer assets to other WAX users.

How does Splinterlands’ play-to-earn system operate?

In Splinterlands, there are four methods to play to earn:

Tournaments. If you’re playing in ranked mode, you can get DEC prizes each time you triumph in combat. You receive additional DECs if you win two straight games.
obtaining presents. By completing your daily mission, you can earn prizes. When a season ends, you also receive season awards every 15 days. You can also receive presents directly from other players.

Flipping cards. You can make money by purchasing, selling, and then renting packs and cards.
destroying cards For DEC awards, burn cards. A card gets obliterated by burning. You must spend $10 on the Summoner’s Spellbook to access these play-to-earn capabilities.


What are the NFTs for Splinterlands?

In Splinterlands, the cards are NFTs. The Monster and Summoner cards fall within this category. Other NFTs consist of:

  • Land: From the lands tab in the store menu, buy land. The value of land in the Splinterlands varies according to its topography, rarity, and magic. You can manage building projects on individual plots of land or hire current character cards as workers to produce things there.
  • Pack openings are made easier using potions. For instance, the alchemy potion doubles the likelihood that a booster pack will contain a gold foil card. On the market in Splinterlands, potions can be bought. There must be a potion on each card in a pack.
  • One of Splinterlands’ six-card editions is dice. The others are Untamed, Alpha, Beta, Promo, and Reward. Both in-game and external markets offer dice for sale.

To sum up

One of the most well-liked play-to-earn cryptocurrency games currently available is Splinterlands. But because many cards are expensive and some of the greatest ones cost hundreds of dollars, some of the more financially committed players can have an advantage over others.

On the other hand, the market in Splinterlands has cards for as little as $0.03. Additionally, as you start to rack up wins, you can earn cryptocurrency and upgrade your cards just by playing.

CCGs aren’t for everyone, but since this CCG is entirely online, collecting and playing may be a little simpler than with traditional card games. Additionally, it’s an auto-battle, thus the only real skill needed is to become proficient in deck construction. Additionally, for just $10, you create chances to earn cryptocurrency.

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