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Kawaii Islands

Kawaii Islands NFT Game Play & Earn

On September 30, 2021, Kawaii Islands published a web version, and on March 30, 2022, mobile versions (Android and iOS).
Each player will need one Binance Smart Chain account and to connect their MetaMask Wallet to the game in order to play with NFTs. In the future, Kawaii Islands will expand and support other Wallets.

To access the mobile versions (for traditional players), you’ll need to create an email account with a password to store your progress.
The gaming experience of Kawaii Islands will be unlike any other, thanks to blockchain integration and a play-to-earn system. Before receiving the purchased or built item, one must sign and confirm to pay a fee for every on-chain transaction. The governance token KWT and the gaming token MILKY both run on the BSC network and may be bought from Pancakeswap.

Discover a cutting-edge NFTs Marketplace.

In our aiRight Exclusive Marketplace, Kawaii Islands allows users to sell all important game goods as NFTs. All members of the Kawaii Islands have the ability to start their own business and trade or farm NFTs. Because you use your wallet address to log in to Kawaii Islands, all purchased things from the Marketplace will automatically appear in your in-game Silo and Storage, and vice versa. Our gamers will benefit from smooth transactions and easy stock control. Winners of airdrops can also receive their prizes on the aiRight Marketplace, which will be sent directly to their wallet.

Take great pleasure on your own magical island

With the play-to-earn mechanism in place, Kawaii Islands nft will be more than just another entertainment game; every player will have the opportunity to hone their marketing skills and put their math skills to use in order to optimize their profit. Because each plant and creature requires various input and produces various items, its owners must consider the quantity of items they must create for orders. Farming, Crafting, and Order/Quest features will be used to make Decoration and Fashion goods for Home Decorating and Character Styling, as well as other Social Networking features.

Players will earn and save the essential things to join the Home Decorating and Fashion Styling features after gaining farming and crafting experience. Players can earn MILKY tokens by participating in seasonal leagues. Kawaii Islands is a virtual community for users with different social networking activities and Clan features to interact and help one other, in addition to solo activities. The Clan feature will enable many activities to connect and link members, with the goal of creating a resourceful community that plays and earns together. In future updates, there will be various Leaderboards and events where players can participate and win rewards.

What is the purpose of free-to-play in the Kawaii Islands?

To begin with, social networking is a key aspect of Kawaii Islands’ transformation into a metaverse. One social aspect of this feature is F2P. Many public users will be able to try out the game and see the appeal of the P2E function, leading them to invest in the game and KWT tokens. This benefits the Kawaii Islands’ society and economy.

Kawaii Islands NFT Reward System

Kawaii Islands started its second phase in March 2022, diverging from direct play to earn with order delivering with the new economy to safeguard the health of MILKY token. Kawaii League is a monthly event that brings together both traditional players and play to earn gamers in one place, using a unique Game Pool method. A Premium Trading Pass is required to enter the Kawaii League and earn MILKY/GEMs.

Order Delivery

One of the most significant features for the game’s core loop is the Order Delivery system. By fulfilling and delivering orders, players can win Silver, EXP, and trophies from the current seasonal league. Fruits, eggs, materials, colours, and Packed Furniture are among the items necessary for each order.
On the Home Isle, an adorable Order Vending machine can be used to access these Orders.

Users with upper ranks and those who use the Trading Pass Premium Ticket will have more Order slots available, allowing them to advance more quickly. As participants advance through the Seasonal League’s tiers, the order requirements will get more difficult.

When players complete all required things for an Order and begin delivery, a Cargo ship will transport all of the items to the clients and return with rewards.

Trading Pass

Trading Pass is a system that rewards users for playing the game and receiving special goodies. Players will receive Medals for completing quests, which will boost their Trading Pass level, allowing them to acquire higher gifts. These awards can range from Silvers to valuable gaming gear. All players receive a trading pass when they begin the game, which contains modest prizes.

Trading Pass Premium Ticket

The Premium Ticket is required to participate in the Seasonal Leagues. It can be purchased with MILKY or GEM once each league from the league screen. MILKY will be the only choice accessible on the web version. Special events with unique prizes may necessitate the use of unique passes.

A Premium Ticket is valid for one league (28 days) in which it was purchased. No matter when a Premium Ticket is purchased during the month, it will only be valid for that season’s premium pass benefits (including MILKY and GEM). The time a player purchases the Premium Ticket has no bearing on the amount of Orders they fulfill in a season. All completed prize levels and leagues can be redeemed once purchased.

Purchasing a Premium Ticket grants the owner not just the right to obtain rewards in the Kawaii Leagues, but also a number of other benefits.
Premium Trading Pass incentives are given in addition to regular rewards. (4x the regular prize):

  • Along with regular Trading Pass benefits, premium Trading Pass awards are available. (4x the regular prize);
  • Participate the Kawaii League to win fantastic prizes (such as a MILKY token or a GEM).
  • Improve your energy allowance by 20. If your maximum is 31, the maximum for that season will be 51.
  • When you attain Trading Pass level 5, you get an extra dye machine slot.
  • When you attain Trading Pass level 10, you get an extra Material Factory slot.
  • When you attain Trading Pass level 15, you get an extra Workshop Slot (for crafting).
  • When you reach Trading Pass level 20, you get an extra order vending machine slot.
  • When you reach Trading Pass level 25, you can get an extra 5 Daily Energy Allowance from your pals.
  • Limited Edition Kawaii Islands Magical Creatures Fashion Items for each Seasonal League

Each Premium Ticket of Trading Pass costs $15 in IAP or the equivalent in MILKY ( with real time price update).

The Seasonal Leagues

Players level 10 and up can use the Premium Trading Pass to deliver orders and progress through the leagues. Each season consists of 13 leagues, each of which lasts 28 days.
From April 1st to April 28th, the first ever Kawaii Seasonal League will take place. Once the season is over, all orders and league achievements will be reset.

To advance to the first league, Beginner, a player must complete and deliver 5 orders. The lower league orders will be simpler than those in the upper tiers. Players must acquire the required amount of Trophies to advance to the next league.

One player must fulfill and deliver 5 orders in order to advance to the first league, Beginner. Lower-tier orders will be simpler than higher-tier orders. Players must obtain the required amount of Trophies to advance to the next league.

The Kawaiiverse rewards system ensures that, at the end of each season, the quantity of MILKY distributed to players in higher leagues is always greater than that distributed to players in lower tiers.

What are the sources of MILKY rewards?

Starting with Kawaii Islands, each game in the Kawaiiverse has its own Game Pool. This is the game’s entire prize pool. Each season, the Season Reward Pool will distribute incentives to players at the conclusion of the season. The Season Reward Pool will be funded by the Game Pool, and the Game Pool will be funded by seasonal MILKY spending, providing an endless circle for the game’s reward system.
We’ll start each season (28 days) with a Reward Pool that contains 10% of the MILKY from the current Game pool. The Kawaii Islands team contributed $200,000 to the purchase of MILKY and the start of the Game Pool.

Every month, all MILKY paid as in-game fees to buy GEM, speed up, buff, and feature upgrade, other potential inflows from Minigames, additional social features, and IAP (Kawaii Islands team will commit to using a certain percentage of all confirmed In app Purchases from our mobile players that have passed the refund period to avoid potential spam purchase and refund request to raise the reward pool) will be used to buy back MILKY. The following will be done with this sum:

  1. 5% will be consumed.
  2. The remaining 45 percent will go back into the Game pool.
  3. The remaining 50% will be utilized to fill the Seasonal League’s Award pool (together with 10% of the Game pool) and reward players.

Home Decorating

The game now has approximately 5,000 furnishings in total, which are divided into 13 different decoration themes:

  • Urban Lifestyle
  • Simple Plank
  • Rattan Ambience
  • Vintage Vibe
  • Natural Charm
  • Stonehouse
  • Curly Girlie
  • Country House
  • Bohemian Look
  • Childlike Hideout
  • Streamer Delight
  • Classy Antique
  • Doll House
Everyone can have numerous ways to choose and arrange furniture to express their beautiful taste and show the world their decorating expertise with our enormous pool of decorative furnishing products. Kawaii Islands Home Decoration will host a variety of activities and events for everyone to participate in, enjoy, and profit from.


Minting non-NFT furnishings into NFTs

Decorative Furniture, unlike Packed Furniture, which cannot be minted to NFTs and is only used to deliver orders, can be minted to NFTs.
Players can choose from their inventory the non-NFT decorative furnishings they want to mint and convert numerous items into NFTs at once. The procedure of minting will cost some gas money. This gas tax is not charged by Kawaii Islands; instead, it is paid to the network provider (in BNB).

NFT furnishings can be used to decorate villa rooms/exhibition spaces for design contests, or traded on the Marketplace.

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