Sunday , October 2 2022
Solana just launched a physical store in metaverse

Solana just launched a physical store in metaverse

Solana, an alternative blockchain, has released a real-world, brick-and-mortar store in NY City. The store opened on June 28 in Manhattan’s high-end Hudson Yards mall.

Established by the Solana Foundation and maintained by the SolanaSpaces project, the store entitles itself as the initial retail and educational store dedicated to Web3.

The main focus of the venue is to educate and introduce people who are fully familiar with Web3 and the Solana Blockchain. But it provides IRL merchandise and supplies as well and serves as a gallery space to showcase some of the best Solana-based NFTs, such as Degenerative Ape Academy, a partner in the project.

Additionally, there are educational pods to educate customers on all things Solana. Some pods cover how to trade NFTs on Magic Eden (the #1 Solana NFT marketplace), set up a phantom wallet, and navigate the STEPN ecosystem. Store items can be bought with crypto using the Solanapay system.

Solana Spaces CEO, Vibhu Norby stated that the store could offer up to 100,000 people a month to the Solana blockchain and its native cryptocurrency SOL.

Solana is having a good year apart from the turbulent market

Aside from the drop in price of its cryptocurrency SOL, which has been affected due to the bearish crypto market, Solana is still managed to pull off a breakout year. It was reported regularly about new Solana-based projects, investments, and other company news. Below are 3 of the most appealing headlines about Solana the current year.

At NFT.NYC in June, Solana’s co-founder revealed that the company was developing a Web3 smartphone named Saga. The mobile phone will have different Web3 traits, involving a Web3 app store, a “seed vault” for secure storage of seed phrases, and Solana Pay, which facilitates blockchain payments by QR code. It also has a developer kit for Web3 applications named Solana Mobile Stack.

Meanwhile, Solana revealed that it was investing $100 M in South Korea’s emerging Web3 market. A large amount of the money goes to South Korean companies that develop video games on the blockchain. Solana did not say which startups it was targeting, but its concentration will be on the metaverse, NFTs, and play-to-money (P2E) games.

Finally, in great news for Solana NFT fans, the prominent NFT marketplace OpenSea released a Solana launchpad a few weeks ago. The newly released pad enables Solana NFT developers to create NFT projects from start to finish.

No one knows how long crypto prices will remain low, but Solana has definitely been making the most of this bear market. We will keep our eye on new projects and possibly reopen more Solana brick-and-mortar stores in the future.

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