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Spells of Genesis

Spells of Genesis – A new Blockchain game with Play to Earn Features

Spells of Genesis. Blockchain-based games have been on the rise since crypto and NFTs became popular, as many players have shown interest in them due to their play-to-earn features. Spells of Genesis is a fantasy arcade Collectible Card Game (CCG)/ Trading Card Game (TCG) in which players combat opponents to progress through stages and earn various hero cards and orbs, which they may then enhance, combine, and trade. In this article, we’ll look at Spells of Genesis and give our initial thoughts on it.

The gameplay is definitely not the most important aspect to focus on here, and when it comes to the Blockchain aspect, players can use blockchain collectibles from their wallets or purchase in-game cards to “blockchainize.” Despite the game’s unique and fascinating action, ball-busting gameplay isn’t for everyone, and it’s just casual at best.

In the land of Askian, collect and mix cards to vanquish your opponents.

To begin with, Spells of Genesis contains a substantial amount of content, with 30 campaigns totaling 700 levels. Aside from the basic PvE mode, there’s also a PvP mode with better prizes for competing against actual, competent players, and a challenge mode in which you must survive as long as possible against randomly generated monsters.


As previously stated, the gameplay of Spells of Genesis isn’t really exceptional. Players must eliminate their opponents, who have a counter indicating how many movements they have left before they assault the player. The game is played in 2D and features simple ball-bursting gameplay.

Overall, if you’re searching for something casual to do and devote less time to, the gameplay will suffice. There is a tale, albeit it isn’t particularly interesting to most people and is quite cheesy.

Convert your cards to blockchain-based digital assets by blockchainizing

Players can now play without connecting their blockchain wallets, though the P2E features are presumably the main reason you picked up this game, so there’s not much incentive not to. There isn’t much to complain about in terms of the simple gameplay, other than the energy system, which has been panned by gamers for a long time, and how the game is stingy with our premium coins.


Spells of genesis blockchain cards

One of the game’s new features is the ability for players to “blockchainize” cards, which allows them to deposit in-game cards onto the Blockchain. For a charge, fully leveled-up quad-fused cards can be placed on the Blockchain, and users can profit by selling them for ETH or CP. The more valuable a card is, the more it will sell for. The process of blockchainizing cards is a little more involved than some of the others we’ve seen, but it isn’t very slow.

Remember, this game is for individuals looking for a play-to-earn system, and the gameplay alone may not be enough for most people. During the testing phase, no major or game-breaking bugs or glitches were discovered.

The game has standard visuals, audio, and a decent user interface.

The graphics aren’t spectacular and appear a little bland, but considering the action, there’s not much to complain about. The audio is also rather basic, with a piece of music and effects that complement the game well. The game’s tap and drag controls are really responsive and perform well, and the UI is also quite good, albeit a little rough around the edges at times.

There are no advertisements, however, there are in-app purchases.
The game does not contain advertising, which is a nice thing because it allows for uninterrupted gameplay, however there are a lot of in-app purchases. Gems are the game’s primary currency.

Players will have to pay money for IAPs because the game isn’t exactly liberal with that either. However, there are daily incentives that can be utilized to upgrade your cards, so players will have to spend the various currencies to build rare cards, just as in any other comparable game.

Final Word

While Spells of Genesis isn’t the finest Blockchain-based game out there, it’s still a good one. The gameplay is a little weak, but that’s typical of many of these games. The Blockchain features appear to be functional, although it is undoubtedly a grind, similar to other play-to-earn games.

You may Download Spells of Genesis below:

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